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Physical Therapy By Dean Kannier

About Physical Therapy

There are three primary goals of physical therapy; pain management, improved mobility and strengthening.

Each one of these is an important step in the process of healing. While the body does possess the ability to heal itself, many injuries require intervention to accomplish complete healing. Often, once an injury has occured, it is more likely to happen again unless it has been properly rehabilitated. Most people seek help because of the pain they are experiencing. By administering a variety of modalities and manual techniques, our therapists are able to change the natural pain response.

We offer a full range of the latest equipment and techniques

Many times, relaxing the muscles and stimulating the nerves around the injury will lessen the pain. Some of the modalities and treatments that are commonly used are ice, heat, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound and massage. When an injury occurs mobility is greatly affected. Due to the injury or pain, when a joint is not moved mobility is lost. With lost mobility comes increased pain. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken to begin the healing process. This phase requires skilled hands on joint mobilization techniques as well as stretching applied by the therapist.

The Process

By strengthening the muscles around the injured area the joint becomes more stable and the risk of re-injury can be significantly decreased. 

Although the body will heal by itself approximately 80% of the time, physical therapy ensures that the healing is complete and happens in a timely fashion. When an injury heals on its own, full mobility and strength is often not achieved. Physical therapy ensures the healing process progresses as it should , ensuring full recovery of mobility and strength. If you succumb to chronic pain or injury, be sure to seek the help of a licensed physical therapy and ensure total and complete healing.

Whether you suffer from headaches, low back pain or everyday ailments, we will analyze your body and its mechanics from head to toe to best determine the cause of your pain. Through our years of experience we have found that the location of the pain is not always the root physical problem. For that reason, we treat the pain while addressing its ultimate cause. We take a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and treatment of our patients. 

Pain, when not related to a specific injury is often due to a lack of normal balance somewhere in the body. Manual therapy means that we use our hands to reduce or mobilize the areas of the body that are tight or restricted (muscles, fascia, joints, etc).  While we work towards achieving normal mobility in our patients, we also teach them how to strengthen and stabilize the weak and unstable areas in their body. In this way, better balance is achieved and pain is eliminated and the patient leaves our care with the tools to maintain the optimum level of whole body health. 

We Give You the Tools

Our Purpose.

Our purpose is not to just treat the symptoms, but to also identify the cause of your problem. Once the source of your injury or discomfort has been identified, we will instruct you as to how you can help prevent your injury from recurring in the future. In addition, as therapists we will assist you throughout your personalized therapy program and we will be accessible once your therapy is finished, should you have any questions or concerns.

We offer a full range of the latest equipment and techniques. This helps us to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and muscle spasm so that your recovery is greatly enhanced. This is helpful in acute or chronic conditions such as headaches, neck or low back pain, sprains and strains, tendonitis of the shoulder or elbow and arthritic symptoms.  Whether you are a housewife, athlete or industrial worker you will receive an individualized program to equip you for your everyday life. The restoration of your motion and strength will result in normal, pain free function.


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